• Emergency/Survival:  SHELTER KIT w/Tools & Supplies, Disaster, Preparedness

EMERGENCY & SURVIVAL:  "SHELTER KIT"OVER 25+ Pieces - COMPLETE Design!  Vacuum Packaged!COMPLETE KIT FOR EMERGENCY SHELTER BUILDINGBIVY SLEEPING BAG, TARPS, CORDAGE, STAKES, SURVIVAL TOOLS, FIXED BLADE KNIFE, PONCHOS, FIRE STARTERS, FLASHLIGHT, WATER PURIFICATION & MORE!!!! 5 LITER NYLON DRY BAG INCLUDED!VACUUM PACKAGED SIZE:  Approximately 8" x 10" x 2 3/4" ThickITEMS ARE MOSTLY ALL "HIGH VISIBILITY ORANGE"!VERY LIGHTWEIGHT!  LESS THAN 2 1/2 POUNDS ! ! ! !     Over the years, I have designed and sold hundreds of custom Survival & Emergency Kits.  Most of my kits, along with many others on the market today, are lacking in one very important component:  SHELTER.  Why is this?  Mainly because until now, shelter items can be too big & bulky to easily carry...NOT ANYMORE!  This innovative new kit has EVERYTHING that you need to design and deploy an Emergency Shelter if your day hike unexpectedly turns into an overnight trip!   I have developed this extremely versatile, lightweight, and comprehensive kit from HIGH QUALITY, NAME BRAND items.      Please take the time to read through the following description of the contents of this fantastic kit.  Also, please view the photos for details, and don't hesitate to contact me if you want more information or additional photos prior to purchase.  Shipping is CHEAP to the USA via USPS Priority Mail. * * * * * * * * * * NOTE:  I remove the retail packaging from most of the items in order to get the kit as small as possible!  If you DON'T want me to do this, and you would rather have the items in the original Retail packaging you MUST send me a note attached to your payment requesting this!LET'S SEE WHAT IS IN THE KIT!!!!Total Kit Dimensions (Packed) in Vacuum Bag:   10" Tall x 8" Wide x 2 3/4" Thick ( At widest point )(1) Dry Bag, 5 Liter, UST, Orange:  This Nylon Dry Bag from Ultimate Survival Technologies is the perfect carry container for the kit.  It keeps all of the gear safe and dry....ready for use when needed.  Hi-Viz Orange color and fold over top flap with secure quick release buckle.  Integral D-Rings for securing to other gear.(1) Emergency Shelter Kit, AMK:  This pre-packaged kit from Adventure Medical has (4) 4.2" Aluminum Stakes, (4) Glow-in-the-dark Cord Tensioners, (4) Reflective Guys Lines @ 96", and (1) HEAVY DUTY 60" x 96" Survival Blanket/Tarp.  This tarp is much stronger than the typical AMK Heat-Sheet and clocks in at am impressive 2.5 Mil Thickness.  Emergency Shelter Rigging instructions are also included in this brand-new sealed kit.  Weighs 8.9 Ounces as a stand-alone item.(1)  Knive, Mora Companion, Stainless Steel, Orange:  The classic, durable, and timeless Mora Companion is one of the most versatile and reliable knives on the market today.  Full-tang (modified rat-tail) Stainless Steel blade will hold an edge under the most stressful use.  I use these for EVERYTHING in the field....including to baton, chop, split....and it takes anything i can throw at it.  Hi-Viz Orange with plastic sheath.(1) Bivy, Escape-LITE, AMK:  The Escape-LITE Bivy from Adventure Medical offers a small package and weight....but has all the right characteristics for an Emergency Bivy Sleeping Bag.  Only 5.5 Ounces, it offers an aluminized interior that reflects 90% of your body heat back to you!  Completely waterproof...but the most important aspect is that the fabric is BREATHABLE!  It allows the condensation to evaporate OUT of the bag!  I've used just about every bivy bag on the market today, and the Escape line are the ONLY bags that you don't wake up WET due to body heat condensing inside the bag.  Repackaged into a flat-pack vacuum seal bag with original stuff sack included.(1) ParaTINDER, 30 Feet, UST:  Every Shelter build requires some cordage!  30 Lineal Feet of 550 Para-Cord, but the inner core has a unique Tinder Core (Red) that is easy to light in order to hep build a stubborn fire.  Made by Ultimate Survival Technologies.(1) Survival Bandana, 22"x 22", Cotton, Orange:  Orange cotton cloth that has Survival Tips printed on it.  A bandana can serve a host of functions in the field like a head wrap, face shield, water filter, first aid cloth, neck warmer, and about 100 other uses.  A must for any Shelter Kit!(1) Poncho, Foil Hypothermia, Waterproof:  This foil poncho is designed to help maintain your core body temperature in colder climates and emergencies.  100% Waterproof metallised polyester has an integral hood to prevent radiant heat loss. Long 3/4 length cut.  Repackaged into a vacuum sealed bag.  One size fits most.(1) Poncho, Clear Plastic, Emergency, UST:  A back-up poncho for all-weather protection.  Can also be used as a ground cloth, water collection, transpiration bag and more.  Lightweight and compact repackaged into a vacuum sealed bag.(1) Insta-Fire Fire Starter pouch, 1.75 Ounces:  Insta-Fire is a great tinder for getting a fire going easily.  The 1.75 ounce waterproof pouch has no harmful chemicals and is eco-friendly.  It will light wet wood as it burns near 1,000 degrees and will work on snow, ice and even water.  10-15 minute burn time per pouch.  This product can get a fire going even under the harshest of climates and emergencies.(1) "Scout" Survival Kit, Waterproof Pouch, AMK:  The Adventure Medical "Scout" Survival Kit is a basic kit in a waterproof mini-dry bag that has (1) SOL Emergency Blanet (Great for a ground cloth!!), (1) Slim Rescue Howler Whistle, (4) Tinder-Quik Tabs, (1) 20 mm Compass (Grade B), (1) Mini Rescue Signal Mirror, (1) Fire Lite Sparker Tool, (1) Survival Fishing Kit in sealed tube, (1) Mini Duct Tape Roll.  This is a basic kit....and the additional items listed below are packaged into the Scout to make it even more versatile!           (10) Water Purification Tablets:  These tablets are a Chlorine base water purifier, and are sold under the brand              name:  Taharmayim, Aqua-Tabs, or Oasis (mostly Oasis right now).  They are made in Israel or Great Britain, and            have expiration dates clearly stamped on the tablets.  You will receive (5) sealed strips of (2) tablets per strip.                  Add (1) tablet to 1-liter of suspect water and wait for 30 minutes.  There will be a faint chlorine odor to the treated            water, but NOT any bad aftertaste that can occur with the use of Iodine based tablets.  Very shelf stable and all                tablets will have AT LEAST a (3) year shelf life when you receive them.  If the water that you are trying to purify if            VERY turbid or contaminated with fecal matter, (2) tablets can be used.  These tablets can also be used for                      Emergency Wound Care and cleaning in a higher concentration.  These tablets are hands-down my product of                choice for small and mini-kits such as this.  ENOUGH TO TREAT (2 1/2) GALLONS OF WATER ! !  Current                      production with 2020 Expiration Dates or better!          (1) Emergency Water Storage Bag:  This bag is perfect for small kits...it will easily hold more than a quart of                   water, and it has a gusseted bottom that will allow it to stand up on its' own when filled.  The bag will arrive                       completely sterilized and sealed....just tear off the top portion tab to open and use.  The bag also has plastic                     coated metal wire closure tabs for securing....simply fill with water, add your tablet, then roll down the top (3) times           and twist the wire tabs to secure it.  The wire won't puncture the bag.  4 Mil thick and very tough...can handle                   freezing temperatures....but NOT boiling water:  MAX temperature is 180 degrees F...so if you boiled water and               want to store it in this bag...you must let it cool down first.  The main benefit of this water bag is its' small packed             size and ease of use.  Name brand water bag:  Nasco Whirl-Pak.  The bag also comes with a paper filter for                     helping to clear the water prior to filling.          (1) Flashlight, Streamlight NANO, Black:  The Streamlight NANO is a great little flashlight for small Emergency             Kits.  It offers up to (8) Hours of use with the included batteries (4- LR41 button cell) at 10 Lumens and a                         waterproof design.  Completely waterproof and an LED Bulb that will never need to be replaced.            (4) Tinder-Quik Fire Starting Tabs, Four Seasons:  Some extra fire starting tabs.  Made by Four Seasons                     Survival...and they are the ORGINAL design still used in military fire starting kits today.          (1) Lighter, Bic, Mini, Assorted Colors:  Why go primitive when you can just light a fire with a lighter?          (1) Compass, 20mm (3/4") Grade A, Sun:  Although the "Scout" kit already comes with a button                                     compass...."Two is one and one is none!".  This compass is a better quality than the Grade B Compass in the kit.             Made in Taiwan (Not China) is damps faster and works in a greater temperature range.          (1) Knife Sharpener, Flat, Diamond:  This mini knife sharpener will help keep the edge of your Mora sharp and             serviceable when in the field.  Includes a small 2" Ball-Chain.* * * * *   Well folks...If you made it this far, you are a serious person that is interested in having the peace of mind in knowing that you can easily carry a small Emergency Shelter kit that will GREATLY help you in the event of an emergency or survival situation.  While no survival kit of ANY SIZE can guarantee your safety...THIS ONE packs the most punch in the smallest size and weight.  You won't find this kit anywhere but RIGHT here.  They are hand assembled with the greatest of care and the contents are of the highest quality available.  I assemble every kit as if I were to carry it myself....actually....more as if I were giving it to one of my kids.  These products have been PERSONALLY USED AND TESTED in the field!     If you would attempt to build this kit from scratch, you will find that it would be more costly than my offering price.  I have been an E-Bay seller since 2003 with 100% Feedback.  Complete customer satisfaction is my #1 goal, in order to keep my reputation and selling integrity intact.   Please see the following required details for before purchase...* * * * * * * I have made every effort to describe the contents of this kit accurately.  Please take a close look at the photos or contact me for additional images.  I am always available to answer questions PRIOR to purchase. This item will ship via USPS Priority Mail.   Shipping is available to the USA and Internationally via the Global Sales Program.  ALL others must contact me for an accurate shipping quote PRIOR to purchase. FINAL DISCLAIMER: It is YOUR responsibility to use this product in a safe manner.  By purchasing this product, you agree to assume all liabilty and responsibility for any accident, injury, or death that could occur through mis-use, neglect, or general stupidity. The Seller will not he held liable for any damages that occur by using this product.  Caveat Emptor.

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Emergency/Survival: SHELTER KIT w/Tools & Supplies, Disaster, Preparedness

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