• Emergency/Survival MINI Water Purification Kit, w/CASE!   EDC Small Compact Kit!

EMERGENCY & SURVIVAL "MINI" WATER PURIFICATION KITOVER 12+ Pieces - Unique Design!  SMALL EDC Package!COMPLETE KIT FOR WATER PRE-FILTER AND PURIFICATION Slightly larger than a Zippo lighter.. NYLON CASE INCLUDED! ONLY 2 7/16"  x 1 5/8" x 11/16" Thick!  Perfect for EDC ( Every Day Carry ) NYLON CASE IS HEAVY DUTY WITH BELT LOOP - Up to 1 3/4" belt VERY LIGHTWEIGHT!  ONLY 2.3 OUNCES ! ! ! !      For the past year, I have been buying compact retail water purification kits in the effort to find the right kit for personal Every Day Carry and to include in small/medium Survival Kits.  I was not able to find one that met my quality standards:  So I decided to build my own.  I have developed this extremely versatile, lightweight, and comprehensive kit from HIGH QUALITY, NAME BRAND items.       Please take the time to read through the following description of the contents of this fantastic kit.  Also, please view the photos for details, and don't hesitate to contact me if you want more information or additional photos prior to purchase.  Shipping is FREE to the lower 48 States via the United States Postal Service.  LET'S SEE WHAT IS IN THE KIT!!!! Total Kit Dimensions (Packed) in Sheath:   2 15/16" Tall x 2 3/8" Wide x 1 3/8" Thick ( At widest point of snap closure ) (1) Metal Container, Rectangular, Snap Hinge Lid:  This metal container is approximately the same size as a Zippo Lighter...slightly larger at 2 7/16" x 1 5/8" x 11/16" thick.  It is also about the same size as an Altoids Small container....but with more square corners.  Pressed from a single sheet of metal:  solid bottom that won't leak.  There are NO sharp edges and the lid closes securely. (1) Black HD Nylon Belt Sheath:  The nylon case is made from heavy duty materials, with a durable snap that WILL stay closed until needed.  The belt loop is made from 1" wide nylon and is double bar stitched at the top and bottom of the loop.  The metal tin fits VERY TIGHLY into the nylon case, and will NOT fall out.  I've thrown the packed case at a concrete wall and it landed intact...without damage to the metal case or sheath.  HIGH QUALITY! (1) Pre-Filter, paper cone:  This is a #4 paper coffee filter folded small and placed on top of the other items in the kit.  This pre-filter is used to catch debris, bugs, and other items that you don't want to enter your water container prior to purification.  The pre-filter can be reused if handled carefully and allowed to dry between uses.  It can be readily replaced from any grocery store. (10) Water Purification Tablets:  These tablets are a Chlorine base water purifier, and are sold under the brand name:  Taharmayim, Aqua-Tabs, or Oasis (mostly Oasis right now).  They are made in Israel or Great Britain, and have expiration dates clearly stamped on the tablets.  You will receive (5) sealed strips of (2) tablets per strip.  Add (1) tablet to 1-liter of suspect water and wait for 30 minutes.  There will be a faint chlorine odor to the treated water, but NOT any bad aftertaste that can occur with the use of Iodine based tablets.  Very shelf stable and all tablets will have AT LEAST a (3) year shelf life when you receive them.  If the water that you are trying to purify if VERY turbid or contaminated with fecal matter, (2) tablets can be used.  These tablets can also be used for Emergency Wound Care and cleaning in a higher concentration.  These tablets are hands-down my product of choice for small and mini-kits such as this.  ENOUGH TO TREAT (2 1/2) GALLONS OF WATER ! !  Current production with 2020 Expiration Dates or better!(1) Emergency Water Storage Bag:  This bag is perfect for small kits...it will easily hold more than a quart of water, and it has a gusseted bottom that will allow it to stand up on its' own when filled.  The bag will arrive completely sterilized and sealed....just tear off the top portion tab to open and use.  The bag also has plastic coated metal wire closure tabs for securing....simply fill with water, add your tablet, then roll down the top (3) times and twist the wire tabs to secure it.  The wire won't puncture the bag.  4 Mil thick and very tough...can handle freezing temperatures....but NOT boiling water:  MAX temperature is 180 degrees F...so if you boiled water and want to store it in this bag...you must let it cool down first.  The main benefit of this water bag is its' small packed size and ease of use.  Name brand water bag:  Nasco Whirl-Pak.    * * * * *    Well folks...If you made it this far, you are a serious person that is interested in having the peace of mind in knowing that you can easily carry a small water purification kit that will GREATLY help you in the event of an emergency or survival situation.  While no survival kit of ANY SIZE can guarantee your safety...THIS ONE packs the most punch in the smallest size and weight.  You won't find this kit anywhere but RIGHT here.  They are hand assembled with the greatest of care and the contents are of the highest quality available.  I assemble every kit as if I were to carry it myself....actually....more as if I were giving it to one of my kids.       If you would attempt to build this kit from scratch, you will find that it would be more costly than my offering price.  I have been an E-Bay seller since 2003 with 100% Feedback.  Complete customer satisfaction is my #1 goal, in order to keep my reputation and selling integrity intact.   Please see the following required details for before purchase... I have made every effort to describe the contents of this kit accurately.  Please take a close look at the photos or contact me for additional images.  I am always available to answer questions PRIOR to purchase.  This item will ship via USPS First Class Mail.   Shipping is free to the 48 lower states.  ALL others must contact me for an accurate shipping quote PRIOR to purchase.  FINAL DISCLAIMER:  It is YOUR responsibility to use this product in a safe manner.  By purchasing this product, you agree to assume all liabilty and responsibility for any accident, injury, or death that could occur through mis-use, neglect, or general stupidity. The Seller will not he held liable for any damages that occur by using this product.  Caveat Emptor.               Froo www.froo.com | Froo Cross Sell, Free Cross Sell, Cross promote, Marketing, listing Apps, Apps, Application

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Emergency/Survival MINI Water Purification Kit, w/CASE! EDC Small Compact Kit!

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